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On Thursday 14 June at 6pm the Draftsman Congress in ESC will take¬†place the second workshop organized the the Italian School for Migrants.¬†How drawing and the practice of design could be useful for learning¬†languages? The workshop will try new kind of learning from various¬†languages and its experiences between Arab, Italian and Russian.¬†Between the the idea of “heterolingual address” and the sign, imagine¬†and drawing will be explored as a devices for a new kind of collective¬†learning, making a new radical and experimental pedagogy.¬†The body “speaks many languages‚Äč‚Äč” and drawing is one of the many¬†paths that lead you through our expressive abilities. The participants¬†will be free to share and to communicate theirs personal histories,¬†their travel across foreign lands and countries, different ideas and¬†needs by drawing and writing.¬†Moreover in this workshop the draftsman’s congress will focus on the¬†issue of Freedom and Welcome, Anti-Racism and Right of Asylum, Right¬†of Mobility and Citizenship.¬†This workshop is powered in collaboration with the Free Italian School¬†for Migrant at ESC, atelier autogestito, and Infomigrante.