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On Thursday 14 June at 6pm the Draftsman Congress in ESC will take place the second workshop organized the the Italian School for Migrants. How drawing and the practice of design could be useful for learning languages? The workshop will try new kind of learning from various languages and its experiences between Arab, Italian and Russian. Between the the idea of “heterolingual address” and the sign, imagine and drawing will be explored as a devices for a new kind of collective learning, making a new radical and experimental pedagogy. The body “speaks many languages​​” and drawing is one of the many paths that lead you through our expressive abilities. The participants will be free to share and to communicate theirs personal histories, their travel across foreign lands and countries, different ideas and needs by drawing and writing. Moreover in this workshop the draftsman’s congress will focus on the issue of Freedom and Welcome, Anti-Racism and Right of Asylum, Right of Mobility and Citizenship. This workshop is powered in collaboration with the Free Italian School for Migrant at ESC, atelier autogestito, and Infomigrante.