Congresso dei Disegnatori

The Draftsman Congress has brought artists and audience together in a dialogue using a language which consisted of images instead of words. During a two-month period various workshops were organized at the Swiss Institute of Rome as well as at ESC Atelier Autogestito, which gave way to a discussion open to the most heterogeneous types of audience,... More »

P/Act for Art Roma

It's a free newspaper which deals with the issues and modalities of artistic and cultural production in Rome. It has been used as an instrument for critically reflecting on the status of culture and of the institutions which represent it, through the voices of its various protagonists, soliciting comments, opinions and original proposals. More »


The public encounters and debates organized in Rome from March through June 2012. These Solidarity Actions have involved artists, institutions and European activists and artists with the aim of rendering visible a network of personalities capable of acting on a transnational level, in solidarity between themselves and with the 7th Berlin... More »


Interviews, documents and extracts from the conferences, discussed and produced during the Solidarity Actions. This research material delves on the debates and carries out an investigation around the fields of art, social sciences and political activism on a transnational level. More »